Emma Lehane is a qualified Yoga instructor, Alkaline nutritionist, Life Coach and Personal Trainer. She has written two books and is passionate about educating people on using a holistic approach on wellbeing and lifestyle.

After many years of training and coaching clients, Emma embarked on a personal journey of calming and centring the mind. On this discovery she started to practice Yoga and meditation. Falling in love with Yoga, Emma is a passionate instructor and loves to teach her students the benefits of what mind and body postures can achieve.

"The thing I love about practicing Yoga is, the feeling you get after. It's like you've been on a mini Holiday. You feel awake.

The mind is why I started to practice Yoga, but the results of the body come second nature.

I love the feedback I get after I teach my classes, it makes me proud I've chosen such an authentic tradition. It proves you can't go wrong with an exercise that's been around for centuries.

The reason I choose to teach Hatha Yoga is because it focuses on posture and breathing techniques, traditionally to channel vital energy source. In Sanskrit, Hatha translates to force. The practice involves breath, body, and mind.

When I discovered Yoga retreats in Ibiza (where I now teach) I thought, this is what I want to educate people in. I think it's really important to take responsibility for our own bodies and Yoga allows us to do this in a mindful and caring way.

The results you can expect from my classes whilst practising regulary are:

More laidback
Stronger, fitter and more supple body
Better flexibility
More confident
Better skin
Better digestion
Toned body
Less tired
Better concentration
Calmer mind
Better sleep





Contact Emma by email here or phone her on 07952892271


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